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On March 7, 2008 lolcoholic founded a shiny new anon meme for Doctor Who fandom, who_anon. It was home to discussion and wank and many many lols. Over the months, traditions developed, like "Eight love on page eight!" and other such numbered shenanigans.

Then, on page three of a November post, something epic happened. It started as a thread about a fandom secret about the Brig. I got home after that thread had tapered off a bit, but it was a bit awesome. Since I had already established myself as "that anon what's obsessed with fashion," I was only too happy to oblige anon's request for an official Pertwee-era fashion love thread. I didn't anticipate at all how epic and fabulous it would get, or that I would spend a good two-three hours refreshing the thread while the love just kept growing. Thank you everyone who participated!

(Inspired by this thread, marah_sarie made some LOVELY The Men & Women of UNIT pinup calendar desktops! Thanks, bb!)

In following pages, these picspams occurred:
Four-era love thread with a focus on hats
Long k9 picspam with funny commentary
Five-era costume love thread
Six-era costume love thread
Seven-era costume love thread
Eight-era costume love thread
Season eight love thread and picspam (Season eight = the first season with Jo and the Master)
Nine-era costume love thread
Ten-era costume love thread
One-era costume love thread
Liz Shaw picspam
Two-era costume love thread
Worst of Who costume thread
Other eras costume love thread (mostly Scream of the Shalka)
Picspam of love: 'Ship and Friendship thread (includes discussion and great picspams of love for the Two/Jamie/Zoe era, "The Sea Devils," "The Time Monster," Pertwee era vehicles, Seven and Ace, a big Three/Delgado!Master picspam, and mini-picspams of One through Seven, among others!)
Brig love thread with two picspams in it
Hats picspam!
Moar hats
Zoe Heriot: Intergalactic fashion plate
Everything is better with dinosaurs!
Picspam of "The Five Doctors" photoshoot w/ wax Tom Baker
Anons get creative adding eyebrows to Eleven
"The Green Death" love thread with picspam
Unexpected Naked Doctors!
Picspam of Five-era on-set shenanigans
"The Ark in Space" love thread with picspam
MASSIVE Martha Screencap Picspam
"Pyramids of Mars" picspam
The Melanie Bush fashion show
Leela picspam
Zoe picspam
Miscellaneous but adorable picspam
This might be pushing the definition of picspam, but in case you were wondering about the historical accuracy of a Victorian manip and/or Eight's costume, now you know.
Picspam of period costumes
Picspam of Bill Hartnell in the movie "Brighton Rock"
Discussion of "The Sea Devils" with love and a picspam
Picspam recap of Jon Pertwee and Ingrid Pitt (and Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee) in "The House That Dripped Blood"
Donna hugs picspam
Tegan picspam
Bearded Master picspam
Inexplicable picspam
Victoria Waterfield picpam
Aretha Franklin Hat thread!
Ben and Polly picspam
Nick Briggs love thread with lots of images in it
Happy/silly pic thread
Torchwood love thread with Toshiko picspam
Six/Colin Baker picspam
Three-era footwear picspam
Picspam of awesome minor/one-off characters
Eighth Doctor picspam
Thread full of hugs including Team TARDIS picspams of Three/Delgado/Jo, One/Barbara/Ian/Susan & Vicky) and Four/Sarah/Harry
Picspam of smiling Rose
Noel Clarke @ BAFTAs picspam
Picspam of hats, coats, scarves, and other winter attire
Bessie picspam
Martha/Doctor hugs picspam
Hugs & Kisses picspam (St. Valentine's Day)
Food and drink picspam
Thread of awesome/unusual clothing
Shoes and boots picspam
Seriously epic Master picspam (all of him)
Picspam of phallic objects
Fivey picspam
Seriously long and AMAZING Jo Grant picspam
Fancy dress picspam
Silly Seven & Ace remind anon why they love the meme
Dalek/Doctor love, Doctors in drag, and action figure lols
Watch out, the Master is trolling the meme?!
Noel and Camille on the red carpet
A wanky thread broken up by a celebration of Fivey peen?!
Similarly, Jack and Ianto are secretly trollin'
Romana I picspam
1963-1965 picspam
UNIT vs. CoT_Tossed!
Romana II picspam
It's another Three-era fashion/monsters thread!
Old-School Cybermen on holiday
"Mark of the Rani" rewatch squee thread with picspam
Dinosaurs 'n' Sea Devils love
Pretty pretty Eighth Doctor is a much better topic for wank
Big Finish picspam!!
Turlough picspam
TARDIS picspam
Anon asks for misc pics; anons provide! [Note: two of these comments have NSFW manips in 'em! Also, McGann ass.]
Small Six-spam
"Curse of Fatal Death" picspam
Thread with nekkid McGann (from In Rainbows)
Epic Six-Part Picspam of the Doctor actors in not!Doctor roles ZOMG.
Thread of random favorite images
Dodo Chaplet picspam
Harry Sullivan picspam
Picspam of Daleks through the years!
Target Novelization picspam
Oppressive multiship picspam
Captain Jack love thread and picspam
Thread (and picspam) OF RASSILON
Withnail and I picspam
Picspam of Multi-Doctor images
Adric picspam
Multi-companion Team TARDIS picspam
A small thread of hugs
Silly Dalek picspam!
Picspam of LULZ
We now return to your regularly scheduled meme shenanigans
Torchwood picspam
The many hairstyles of Rose Tyler
Ianto Jones picspam
Steven Taylor picspam
Roberts!Master picspam
Sgt. Benton love thread with picspams
Anons provide pissmidget recs, with visual aids
Picspam of medical companions
Noel Clarke in drag!
Old School Emo Love Thread
"Carnival of Monsters" picspam
Cyberleader Kroton picspam (Eighth Doctor comics)
"Claws of Axos" picspam
John Barrowman love thread with lots of pics (including drag)
A rather epic two-part Torchwood picspam
"The Tenth Planet" picspam
Ianto love thread with lots of pics
Eight love thread with various McGann pics
Seeing double: a picspam of doppelgängers, alternate selves, and clones
John Simm picspam
Terror of the Autons picspam and rewatch squee-thread
Everyone probably missed it, but buried in the Terror of the Autons thread there was a picspam of Miles Richardson, voice of Brax!
Picspam of Steven Taylor and Hi-Fi, his stuffed bear (No, really!)
Star Trek: DS9 picspam in the April Fool's post
Simon Pegg picspam (ditto with the Star Trek crossover post)
Leela of the Sevateem picspam
Matt Smith's... unique... fashion sense picspam
Tennant picspam thread
Ianto and Martha picspam
Ianto and Toshiko picspam
UNIT love thread
Picspam of the Doctors' actor sons and daughters
Gingers do it better: a Mel picspam
Smexy Pertwee thread
Ian Chesterton picspam
Shippy Brig picspam
Whomobile picspam
Jack/Everyone picspam (contains copious amounts of UNJ!)
Eight love thread with a picspam
An interesting comparison of The Christmas Invasion and The King's Demons
The Three Doctors picspam
The Ambassadors of Death picspam
Ninth Doctor picspam
Ace picspam
Doctors, doggies, and other cute things
HappyRandomSemi-Silly picspam
This thread contains Baker!peen, in case you were curious
New Who (mostly) candids picspam
Smexy Billy Hartnell picspam
Mike Yates picspam
Mickey picspam
A small cute picspam
Torturing the Doctor
Six and Peri
Actors + Doctorstuff
Three and Liz
Five era
Mini-Picspam of a "Colony in Space" Scene
Season 4 Team TARDIS (Two, Jamie, Ben, Polly)
Shirtless Doctor Mini-Picspam
Whoniverse Hug Picspam
Noel Clarke
Doctor costumes: a retrospective
Ray (from "Delta and the Bannermen")
Eve Myles
Random Gratuitous John Barrowman Picspam
Adric and the Doctor
Euros Lyn
Bonnie Langford Theatrical Picspam
Freema is Pretty and Wears Pretty Dresses
Young Billie Piper
Cheesy Effects and Miscellaneous Monsters
Sheridan Smith
Funny Faces of Torchwood
Team Tardis Extravaganza
So... Meh macros
Karen Gillan
Ten's Terrific Ties
Four and Sarah Jane
Three and Sarah Jane
Four, Sarah Jane, and Harry
Gwen's COE boots
Sarah Jane picspam
Ben and Polly
Seriously EPIC TARDIS interiors
Kai Owen
Tom Price
Make Love, Not Wank (Daleks!)
John Barrowman & Eve Myles
Big Finish People!
Ten gurning in 'The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith'
David Tennant Fashion
Seven 'n' Ace & Slyv & Sophie
Black & White pictures
Color Pictures from Black & White Pissmidgets
Drawfen thread (fanart by anons!)
Classic Who fashion you'd still wear
Mickey/Noel Clarke mini-picspam
Sexy Pictures of Jack thread
Macro (and gif) spam
Pictures that make anon smile
City of Death Paris picspam
Ianto Jones neckwear picspam
Companion fashion
Mini-Picspam of Sarah Jane's 'Five Doctors' Costume
Doctor Who Pattern Book scans
Not!Master Master actors picspam
Small thread with hugs
Jack's coat
Sixth Doctor costume picspam
Gif/Pic party
Happy Holidays/Season Picspam
Nine's Jacket
John Barrowman
Jackie Tyler
Sexy pictures of Ten thread
Julie Gardner
Tom Baker + Animals and Birds
Tenth Doctor Gurning
David Tennant Red Nose Comic Relief Picspam
Auntie Beeb Presents...Fun with Photoshop! (Tenth Doctor promo pics)
Baby, It's Cold Outside (pictures of Whofolk in warm things)
Ginger Gallery / Ginger Companion's Club
Verity Lambert
Roseclothes! (Rose wardrobe)
Time Lord Picspam of Time Lord-y-ness (Two picspams: one of all Time Lords, and one of Dalton!Rassilon)
John Barrowman stagespam
Anneke Wills
Harold Saxon
Catherine Tate
Ianto and Gwen
A very short Matt Smith fashion picspam
Matt Smith
Picspam of Meme Pics 2008-2009
The Women of Moffat!Who
Simmspam II: The Search for Tiemcock
Carey Mulligan
Paul McGann wearing hats!
Favorite icons
David Tennant
Cosplay and Crossplay
Ten love thread with picspams
Second Doctor
The Mighty Trout
New Who Fab Foursome (David Tennant, Billie Piper, Noel Clarke, Camille Coduri)
Whovian wallpapers
Five and Turlough
India Fisher
Three and Jo
Freema Ageyeman
Delta & the Bannerman
Peter Purves/Blue Peter
The Rani picspam
Recumbant picspam
SJA hugs picspam
1980s fashion celebration
Girl in the Fireplace fashion picspam
Helloooo, Nurse: Phillip Oliver picspam
Kissing picspam
Macro thread
Auntie Beeb/Lens Flare OTP: Nine-era promo pictures
Handy picspam
Seven-era picspam
Armed and Dangerous Torchwood
Deborah Watling's boobs (?!)

Who gifs will eventually get their own post, but there are a bunch of them here, here, and here!

I will update this list whenever I darn well feel like it.

If I have left out a picspam it's either recent or I just plain forgot. There have been picspam buried in wanky threads before, but I generally don't go digging through them while compiling. If this is the case, drop me a note in the comments, please!


To clarify, I only started a fraction of these lovely picspams. Keep up the good work, anons! Happy loomday, meme!

(Anonymous comments are on and IP logging is off. Picspams aren't srs business.)

I am a sockpuppet that likes velvet.

AKA, that anon who's obsessed with fashion.

Hopefully, this journal will someday contain a masterlist of the picspams from who_anon. Or not?


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